05 Jul 2018

The media echoes Pescapuerta's good performance

Both the journal Alimarket and the daily Faro de Vigo have recently published an article on Pescapuerta, where both highlight its positive results for 2017 describing the factors that have been crucial for its success and the actions that are already underway in order to keep moving forward.

As we pointed out in our last edition, our company ranks third in the frozen Seafood Products sector, and our sales show a 13% increase with respect to 2016, according to the ranking published in an Alimarket report. This is also due to our efforts in investing in new resources and to the company's strategy of insuring raw materials at source, which gives us a clear competitive advantage over other operators. These publications also outline our consolidation of new product lines that are being developed through commercial agreements with producers at source, in countries such as Morocco, India or Chile, and that we also plan to develop in Mauritania.

Similarly, the media also highlight the group's new structure, where Pescapuerta, one of the sector's few firms controlled by its founding family, manages and directs the other firms that form part of it: Loligo Seafood, Fortitude Fishing, Pescapuerta Trade, Royal Bengal and Elmar Frozen Food.

The full articles are available at the following links:

Alimarket (conditioned on purchase): https://www.alimarket.es/alimentacion/noticia/272449/pescapuerta-crece-a-doble-digito--proyecta-inversiones-y-renueva-estructura

Faro de Vigo: https://www.farodevigo.es/economia/2018/07/04/pescapuerta-crece-doble-digito-busca/1922357.html