Crime prevention program

Pescapuerta and our group of companies are committed to integrity, responsibility and transparency in all our business areas. Thus, a constantly reviewed and updated Crime Prevention Program (CPP) has been developed over the last few years for its implementation in the company. This program has led to the approval of several documents that make up the core of the CPP (Code of Conduct, Regulation of the Supervision Committee and Ethical Channel Handbook).

The aim of these documents is the implementation of internal rules, protocols and conduct guidelines that must guide the behaviour of all people, managers and employees, in Pescapuerta and its group of companies, as well as third parties that collaborate with the group in the development of its professional activity. Therefore, the Crime Prevention Program is more than just a tool for the good governance of the company; it is the philosophy on which the daily actions of the company are based.

A three-page leaflet summarizing the purpose of Pescapuerta’s CPP and its group of companies, as well as its management method, can be downloaded in this section.

In addition, please email our CPP Supervision Committee at if you wish to get a complete copy of any of the protocols of the CPP.